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Stringin 2-Step Cart

Online shopping with Parental Control

Let your kids fill up the Cart while you seamlessly swipe your Card.

Introduce yourself to a never-before online shopping experience with two step shopping Cart.

Allow children to choose merchandise from Stringin eStore and add to Cart or Wishlist that is accessible to Guardians with full control.

Review Cart and make necessary modifications before performing a checkout.

How does 2-Step Cart work

Stringin links the Child/Student id to Parent based on the Parent’s email id provided while creating the new login. The age limit for creating Student Id is 6 to 18 years. Stringin does not require identification details for students while creating the login.

Stringin automatically creates Parent login with Login Id as the email provided in Parent’s Email box. If the Parent is an existing member on Stringin, then Stringin will connect the Child login with the parent’s login.

For example, while creating ‘demo.student’; Parent Email Id is specified as ‘’. Stringin automatically creates a new Parent Login with login name as ‘’ and sends an email with password to ‘’. The password must be changed on the first sign-on for safety reasons.

The address details and phone numbers are accepted for Parent login; Children/ Students cannot update the address details and phone number due to child identification and safety purposes.

Children add items to Cart

Children have access to Stringin eStore, my-Cart and my-Wish. Children can choose the merchandise from the Stringin eStore and add to my-Cart/ my-Wish.

Children request Parents for Checkout

Stringin does not allow Children to checkout from the Cart and make payments.

The shopping cart of children is accessible to Parents for changes.

Children can forward the purchase request to their parents for payment.

Parents modify Cart and Checkout

Parents can modify the cart; add or remove items or change the quantity before checkout and payments. Stringin accepts online payments through Paytm, Credit/ Debit cards, Netbanking and wallets. Payment on delivery is available at select locations.


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