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Question: What are the Terms and Privacy options applicable for the Users at StringIn?

Answer: Kindly click on the "Terms of use" option available at the bottom of the Home page in order to view the detailed information on the User Privacy and Terms of using the StringIn services.

Question: How to create a new account?

Answer: For creating a new account, you need to register with StringIn as a Mentor or a Parent or a Student.

Registration is a simple process that requires following steps:

  1. Select the preferred option first - MENTOR | PARENTS | STUDENT

  2. Click on the Bead Registration link

  3. Fill-in the information on the Registration form. The registration form contains multiple tabs denoted by circles. Click on each tab and fill-in the details. "<< Previous" and "Next >>" options help in navigating through the Registration Form. Red tabs contain mandatory details that are required for registration.

  4. After all information has been entered, click on "Create Account" option.

  5. An account activation link will be forwarded on the registered email Id.

  6. Click on the Account Activation link in order to complete the account verification process.

  7. Login using the Account/Bead ID and the password on StringIn.in

Question: What is the meaning of Account Activation Pending

Answer: Under the Bead Id, the status of "Account Activation Pending" is displayed for the registered users who haven't yet verified their Bead Id. Upon registration, an email verification for StringIn account is sent out to the registered email id. The user is required to click on the activation link in order to complete the verification process.

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Question: Do we have a StringIn App that can be used through mobile phones?

Answer: Yes! You can have it added to your mobile phone’s Home screen and open the mobile version of StringIn by a simple click on it.

  1. Open https://stringin.in in a browser on your mobile phone.

  2. Add to the Home Screen. This will add an icon on the Home screen of your mobile
    phone. Selecting this option may differ for each Handset device.

  3. Tap on the StringIn icon added to the Home screen. It will automatically launch
    the app version of the StringIn home page.

Question: How do I start about StringingIn using my Mobile phone?

Answer: StringIn is Progressive Web App; a download of App is not required and hence saves dowload data. Progressive Web Apps work best with Chrome browsers on Android Phones. It is recommended to add the StringIn to the Home screen of your mobile phone for ease of access.

Once the Home page is loaded, you can do the following and much more!

  1. Select the StringIn icon from the top panel. You see that circle on the upper left corner. That is it!

  2. Now you have three options – Login, Bead and e-Store

Bead Type Click Dial and Login

Bead type Click Dial and Login: Enter the username and password if you are a registered user. New User can follow the Bead registration process as given under the question "How to create a new account?"

Bead Click Dial

Bead Click Dial: Once you successfully login, you may click on the Bead option to go any of the following as listed in the StringIn circle:

  • my-INBOX

  • my-BEADS

  • my-SPACE

  • my-DATA

  • my-FOCUS

e-Store Click Dial

E-Store Click Dial: Once you successfully login, you may click on the e-Store option to go any of the following as listed in the StringIn circle:

  • e-STORE

  • my-CART

  • my-WISH