STRINGIN® - Shielded Student's Community
A Social Network for Students | Parents | Teachers

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Student, Age should be 6 to 18 years.

Parent, Age should be more than 21 years.

Mentor, Age should be more than 21 years.

Social Network for Students

  • Socialize, connect with friends

  • Share knowledge & thoughts

  • Prepare School timetable

  • Plan and track milestones

  • Seek Guidance & Support

  • Shop for Stationery, Bags and more

Social Network for Parents

  • Shield social presence for kids

  • Motivate Kids

  • Stay Informed

  • Improve Kid's Attention Span

  • Sourcing for school supplies, assign checkout limit for kids

  • Unique 2-Step Shopping Cart. Child's cart shared with Parents for checkout

Social Network for Teachers

  • Regular and Purposeful connect with Students & Parents

  • Conclusive than Informative Parents Teacher Meet

  • Separate Professional and Personal Social presence

  • Be found through Directory service

  • Address Nation's Education needs